Why it makes sense for artistes to both praise God and sing about ass
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Religion is an ardent part of  the Nigerian reality. From random exclamations in daily conversations to fervent deliverance sessions, you can never separate a Nigerian man from his God. It shouldn’t be dismaying therefore, that Nigerian artists have brought God along with them even when they make music many miles far away  from any meaningful religious doctrine.
“Nigerian music is not the place for content” is one of the biggest excuses used to support the absurdity of pop music in the industry. This makes a case for Wizkid’s In My Bed as the singer thanks the living God he serves. He proceeds on a series of random brags about his wealth and fame leading to a chorus demanding that a nubile body report to his bed.  If God himself heard this song, he would be asking the same questions we have in mind and it is ”Why am I here?”
In my Bed is only one of the many Starboy songs where bible lyrics have been quoted, and references have been made to God. Often, the suggestive lyrics and raunchy videos are the only things that fail to make us consider the possibility of Wiz’ as a  preacher.
Reekado Banks latest video Oluwa Ni also follows a similar pattern. The Mavin starlet thanks God for helping him rise while girls showing a lot of extra skin stroll the video unconsciously. These two are only some of  the obvious examples of artists who have successfully formed a union of the God and the booty.
But there could be a possible explanation.http://i2.wp.com/sounds.ng/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/a86fe835b18f837b2c70c00d44badd6b2.jpg

Nigerian music is not the first where spirituality has been married to sex and vanity. The hip-hop culture has rappers like DMX, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West amongst others, most notable for talking about God in their often sexual and aggressive music. This is due to their own similar religious black culture origins where monotheistic religions like Christianity and Islam were prominent in their lives. This is significant for illustrating the relationship between an artist’s background and his artistic process when trying to understand his music.
Conclusively it is important to note that religion is often used by many artists as a leveller as they struggle with the many effects of the fast-paced celebrity life. This keeps them from getting too hung up on their own successes. Whether they are thanking God for letting them win an award or for granting them the limelight, it is important to note that the spirituality involved is more of a personal process than it is artistic.
However we must also consider the possibility that some artistes may have taken the idea of God’s ubiquity literally. This could easily mean that there is God in everything, even in the booty.


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