T.B Joshua denies owning any company in Panama
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https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-gT5C5Ubf_L0/Vwyqg1yrw2I/AAAAAAAI3AU/v-fv_qb1I1UAOCr2T6wzJLhkRu0QuI-8QCLcB/s1600/index.jpgPopular Lagos pastor, T.B Joshua has denied media reports that the recently released Panama reports indicted him as one of the few Nigerians that operate a company in Panama. Yesterday, Premium Times broke the news on their website that Joshua and his wife, Evelyn, owned Chillon Consultancy Limited, a company incorporated on June 20, 2006 at the
British Virgin Island.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Joshua denied the claims. Read his statement after the cut...

 I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PANAMA PAPERS – TB JOSHUA This is an official statement from Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“I was shocked to find a report written in Premium Times (www.premiumtimesng.com) claiming that the Panama Papers revealed a shell company called Chillon Consultancy Limited in the British Virgin Islands, allegedly owned by me. Whoever is involved in this malicious write-up and propaganda with an obvious intent to defame my person and the ministry, remember what the Bible says in Luke 2:34 – “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many… and to be a sign that will be spoken against.” “I am not a businessman and have no business whatsoever. What God has given me is more than enough. I have nothing to do with the Panama Papers. As for me and my family, we shall remain in the vineyard of God. “Premium Times – do not allow your company to be used. Do not allow your company to stand against God. This is a lie! Take note – this news was written by the same journalist who alleged that I bribed him during the building incident and went to different channels – both local and international – to propagate these fabrications. Since the building incident, there have been a series of threats towards the ministry and my person by this same journalist, Nicholas Ibekwe, who represents a gang of people. “After everything that has been done in an attempt to destroy this ministry, this is what he has resorted to. Even the picture used in the write-up is taken from the Mexico Crusade I recently held. It was a crusade I went for, nothing more. “Do not use the Panama Papers to attack those you have been looking for an opportunity to victimise. This is to show that not everybody alleged in the media to be involved in the Panama Papers is truly involved. My own case is a good example. “Beware of those using the Panama Papers for fraudulent purposes! This is a very big mistake the fraudsters have made. Those who read this report – take time to do your findings. It is malicious.” "Note – people are misusing the data in the Panama Papers for fraud to attack innocent people."
Attached is the picture of Nicholas Ibekwe and one of the many emails he has sent to The SCOAN.https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-teMm5UvnzDc/Vwyqhwn0Z-I/AAAAAAAI3AY/DoRbjBUAsAwX8M1NK8efyoIUsmkgJKfSACLcB/s1600/3.png


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