How to tell if your Galaxy Note 7 is safe to use
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Samsung's going to make it easy to check that new purchases — and replacement units — are unaffected by battery issues.
Samsung is replacing potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7s purchased during the first few weeks of the phone's availability with new safe versions. As it does so, the manufacturer is also giving buyers a couple of ways to identify a safe Note 7.

Samsung has released a support page with details of how to tell a safe Note 7 from an unsafe one. Replacement Note 7s issued after the recall will have a small black square on the sticker found on the outside of the box with the phone's unique IMEI number.
Galaxy note 7
Note: Some parts of the world, such as Australia, may have an additional "S" marking on the box indicating the phone is new and safe.
In addition, Samsung has loaded a different build of software onto the new replacement Note 7s that will change the color of the battery indicator to green. The green battery icon will be visible in the status bar and Always On Display (if enabled), and will also show in the power-off menu of the phone when long-pressing the power button.Samsung Galaxy Note 7 new battery iconIf you're unsure about the box markings, Samsung has also launched a tool on its recall website in which you can enter your IMEI or serial number to see if it is safe. To reveal the IMEI of your Note 7, go to Settings > About Phone > Status > IMEI information.
Buying the Galaxy Note 7 new

If you buy a brand new Note 7 from a reputable retailer after it goes on sale again, you'll almost certainly have a safe unit unaffected by the original battery problem. To double-check, look for the black square (and/or "S" mark in applicable regions) on your box, and check the IMEI on Samsung's website.
What about buying second-hand?

If you're buying a used Note 7, then the first point to check, again, is the sticker on the box. Since second-hand used phones may not have a box or the box could potentially be from a different phone, it's best to check the IMEI of the phone directly with Samsung. If you're at all unsure about whether or not the phone is authentic and new, don't buy the phone. (To be continued)
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