The Game Explains Exactly Why He Thinks Meek Mill Is A Rat
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meek-mill-and-The-gameThere is mounting evidence that Meek Mill didn’t snitch on The Game in the traditional sense.
So Game got on Ebro’s Beats 1 show to explain why he considers Mill a rat.
Game confirmed that both he and Meek were there in June when Sean Kingston was hit with a bottle and had his 300K chain snatched at a Los Angeles club.  Game had bought Meek a bottle as a welcome to LA gift that night, and also told him to be safe because people have been getting jacked. Game said he didn’t feel the need to give the same warning to Kingston because he’s a singer not a rapper, and is a LA regular. Afterward, Game claims Meek called Kingston and told the singer Game had set him up. So then Game called Meek, who denied it and said “I’mma call him on three-way!”According to Game, Kingston implicated Meek again on the call.And at the end of the day, the things that Sean Kingston told me about me about what Meek told him is part of the conversation I just had with Meek when I handed him the bottle, so I know for a fact that that’s what he said,” Game said. “So when I say ‘the rat’ or ‘the snitching,’ it ain’t that he went and told the feds I had bricks in the trunk and I’m facing 25-to-life, it’s like, I gave you some intel about what was going on in LA at the time. You took that and twisted it and told Sean Kingston that Game had something to do with you being robbed.”
Are you buying Game’s explanation? If you are, does that make Meek a rat?© 2016


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