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Hello wonderful people of Talklatest Its been ages I posted here, so am back and this one, I wanna give advice to all and sundry! Both Café Owners or the client using this software.
Before I go about telling you why you should not use True café for your Client, first let me tell you my story (You aint here for stories, I knew but this one is juicy)
I am the type of boy who barely stay an hour without visiting the internet (Pardon me, I’m addicted) either on my pc or on my smart phone. But obviously something happened recently, You know what?  I traveled to South Africa had to drop at Ghana to meet some of my online friends that’s being wishing to see my face (Don’t worry you will meet me too) While coming back to Nigeria that’s by land, I was accused at the f*cking check point because I don’t have my International passport (Honestly I don’t, yet I can travel to anywere, F*ck the RULES, I break em) and at the process my laptop, and some of my valuable things was seized.
I made my way to Nigeria with no laptop, no smart phone and all that, So I had to start visiting the café!
Of all the café I’ve been visiting, most of there timing software are’nt secured enough, but the worst is True café! (Oops, sounds like I bash them so hard? Forgive me) most of the software apart from true café, block the bad boys that tries to hijack time from re-entering details at a maximum of 3, 4 or 6 times. But True café? You will try till eternity and might even get lucky while you hijack login and password with 6hrs+ (bad boy no try am o)
That’s something they should fix!! And again, Café owners, wouldn’t it be so much secured if you tell your customer/client to choose a desired password and login for him/herself? Instead using random numbers like Login 7 password 8 WDF! Forgotten that bad boys are every were? Well, if y’all don’t attempt to secure your company I will keep and enjoying my free browsing while it last.
Written by Geequed


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