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 This days, many people save a lot of documents on there Pc, mobile phone especially smart phones as its common nowadays,
They save documents such as passwords of different websites (Could be a commercial, school, government or job recruiting orgarnization website)
not being security conscious. Do you know that you are not safe in all the transaction you are performing online with your Pc, a Cyber-cafe, and even your mobile phone? If No then, consider yourself very lucky to be here today because, i'm here to teach you how to be security conscious with the way you login and logout of any system, whether yours or not... so stay tuned.

1* Always remember to logout in any system you have insert your login credentials, don't ever keep your credentials logged on your or any device you have logged in unless you are the only one using that device but if second hand goes there? Always stay logged out, don't trust anybody with your document or personal information.

2* After you've log out, always clear cache and cookies when done with whatever you are doing

3* When you go to cyber-cafe to browse, If you are done with whatever thing you are doing, please! LOG OUT by YOURSELF! Never allow the employee to log out for you unless you are there watching him/her do it BECAUSE, this days you don't have to trust anybody with your personal info! UNLESS, he/she is a trustworthy fellow

4* Make sure you have Anti-Virus installed on your system and Always scan and check your computer for unwanted programs, malwares, and when found... please delete them and Don't let anybody watch you while you insert your password or username

5* Always update and reformat your system frequently for at least 2-3 times monthly
to stay away from unwanted programs (malwares and viruses)


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